Dear fellow Toastmasters and guests!

We are happy to admit that our 🎃Halloween Club meeting #290 🎃was amazing.

Toastmaster of the day Valeria P. dressed as Disco Pony (aka rainbow unicorn) held a Spook-tacular meeting.

In the standard script of the Toastmaster meeting with 4 prepared speeches and performances by experts, Valeria wove a story about two brothers Toastmaster😎 and Halloween👹.

Many trials fell on Toastmaster’s path. Even the malicious joker, threatening with a knife and demanding the sacrifice of the participants of the Table Topics session, could not break the real Toastmaster. We learned how to pacify an unbalanced Joker: physical contact - hug - dance. Try it, it works!

At the meeting we host a Costume Competition!!🏆
There were witches and crazy nuclear physicists🥸, stolen by aliens👽, there was a bloody nurse 🫀constantly asking questions, a secret mask😷 and a fashionable woman😇 from the 80s. Everyone was wonderfully scary, but the icebreaker with the green man won.

We invite you to join us for our biweekly meetings.