🌒 Do you know where all the eyes of Americans, Mexicans and Canadians were directed on April 8 of this year?
🌕 Dear Toastbusters and friends! 
🌖 The ethereal spectacle of a total solar eclipse swept across North America on Monday afternoon, giving tens millions of people in Mexico, the US and Canada the chance to witness a rare and dazzling celestial show.
🌗 Solar eclipses have fascinated humans for centuries, leading to the creation of various facts and myths surrounding this celestial event.
🌝For example, in ancient times, people believed that solar eclipses were caused by mythical creatures or gods consuming the Sun. 🌚 Or some cultures believed that a solar eclipse was a sign of impending doom or a bad omen.
🌝 Join us on Wednesday and learn more about facts and myths.
WHERE: Cultural center ZIL, adult library
Avtozavodskaya metro station, Vostochnaya st., 4, building 1,
WHEN: meeting starts at 7:30PM