Dear fellow Toastmasters and Guests! 🌱
Moscow Toasbusters club is glad to invite you to our regular meeting. 🌱

Spring is a time of awakening, as the world comes alive with vibrant colors, fragrant blossoms, and the cheerful songs of birds. It's a time to shed the heaviness of winter and embrace the warmth of the sun on our faces. 🌱 

 The longer days and milder temperatures invite us to spend more time outdoors, enjoying the beauty of nature and engaging in activities that bring us joy. 🌱

It's a season of growth, transformation, and endless possibilities 🌱 

What do you enjoy most about spring?
Come to the meeting and share!

March13th, get together at 19.00, start at 19.30.

Cultural center ZIL, adult library.
Avtozavodskaya metro station, Vostoynaya st., 4, building 1.

 🤗Looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting #299!