📢 Dear fellow Toastbusters and friends!
Do you belive in antient omens and simbols, do you feel that our destiny is somehow predetermined?
Some individuals may believe in the power of ancient omens and symbols as a way to interpret or predict future events, while others may view them as purely superstitious or unfounded.
Some people believe that destiny is predetermined, suggesting that events and outcomes in one's life are predestined or preordained.
Others may believe in free will, arguing that individuals have the ability to shape their own future through their choices and actions.
Ultimately, this question is open to interpretation and varies from person to person
Let's talk about it on our next meeting and find it out!
Come visit us on Wednesday ( January 17)
📍WHERE: Tochka Kipeniya Moscow, Maly Konyushkovsky pereulok, 2,
metro Krasnopresnenskaya
 WHEN: meeting starts at 7:30PM
 Looking forward to seeing you at our meeting !