The Halloween Meeting in Toastbusters club was held in the fun atmosphere of the Humorous Contest. The toastmaster of the meeting, Diana Robertson, appeared from nowhere and opened this scary party. The contest, with a chair Sophie Grimbert-Tweed and a chief judge Sergey Balmashov, started.

Five contestants shared their stories with the audience. Those brave toastmasters were: Denis Shevchouk, who reviled secrets of hiring new presidents for Toastmasters clubs and being the president; Nikolay Denisenko with his childhood story about a Rubik cube and a melted shirt; Irina Suvorova with a speech about an ideal guy Seryoga; Anna Ilina with a speech about our gadgets and social media; and Anna Soltys, who answered the question how to be more creative if we are smart.

After a very spooky Table topic session with Diana Robertson, who made it brilliantly, the contest winners were announced. Congratulations for winners:
1 place: Denis Shevchouk
2 place: Irina Suvorova
3 place: Anna Soltys

Good luck to Denis Shevchouk on the Toastmasters Winter Conference!

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