Christmas is coming, and whether we are Christian or not, we can’t help avoiding the festive spirits and atmosphere. It is coming everywhere - in the shops, on the streets, in people’s hearts and minds.

The lesser known fact is that December 5th has been chosen by the United Nations as an International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development. We are a volunteer association of clubs. Our joint efforts have a substantial impact on a greater social cohesion through a personal development of each of us. This is why this day in the calendar is relevant for us, too.

In a similar way, extending to all of you best greetings on the occasion of the coming Christmas and congratulation on the occasion of the December 5th Volunteer Day, we invite each of you to use your wits and share with all of us stories that are vibrant, eloquent and jovial.
Join us at our 246th club meeting, and get motivated by our prepared speeches!
December 8, meeting at 19.00, starting at 19.30
Tochka Kipeniya BARRIKADNAYA
Maly Konyushkovsky Lane, 2, 3rd floor
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