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June, 26



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If you plan to visit our club for the first time, simply send an email to vpm@toastbusters.ru with the subject "Newcomer: request for additional info".


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Pathways Level 2 award: Margarita Berseneva

Already second award by Pathways program was reached in our club: Margarita Berseneva got her Level 2. Congratulations and keep it up!



ALB award designation: Maxim Luchinin!

We are happy to announce that Maxim Luchinin has reached his ALB!




Our news


        Pathways Level 1 award: Margarita Berseneva!

        ALB award designation: Maxim Luchinin!



Table Topics Contest 2016

ACB award designation: Max Silin!

PRESIDENT Distinguished Club 2015-2016!

ALS award designation: Max Silin!

Toastbusters Elections 2016!

CC award designation: Max Luchinin!

Two charming ACSs in Toastbusters!

Area level winners 2016!

The anniversary meeting of Toastbusters club

The Qualification Evaluation Contest results

Evaluation Qualifications on March 9-th

CL award designation: Max Luchinin!

Toastbusters by-laws presented!



Qualification Humorous Speech Contest in Toastbusters club!


ToastQuest summaries

Qualification Table Topics Contest in Toastbusters club!

An outdoor autumnal ToastQuest

Select Distinguished Club 2014-2015!

An updated schedule

A bunch of two CCs in Toastbusters!

Executive Committee 2015/16

CL award designation: Yana Litvinova

The First Area Conference

The first Qualification Speech Contest

The first Qualification Evaluation Contest

Club qualifying contests this spring

Club Dues Renewals April - September 2015

Another mafia game all together!:)

CC award designation: Olga Dubovitskaya

WorldSurfers official birthday: Founders award



New Year Party 2015 review

Let’s welcome the New Year 2015 with a cheer!

Mafia with Toastbusters

Happy 90-th Anniversary Toastmasters

Speech Contest on the 24-th of September 2014!

We tried something new and succeeded!

Membership dues renewal: October 2014 - March 2015

Special meeting on the 27-th of August 2014: "Debates"

BBQ Party 2014 - we did it!

Joint Toastmasters Barbeque Party 2014

Membership dues renewal: March - October 2014

Speech Contest on the 12-th of March 2014



A New Year Party 2014 with Toastbusters!

Qzar game with Toastbusters!

A workshop of Ryan Avery

Select Distinguished Club 2013-2014

Speech Contest June 26-th 2013

BBQ Party photos

BBQ Party on May 25 2013!

Ice Breaking Party on April 17-th!



Best of the best 2012!

Changes in EC

New Executive Committee 2012

Table Topics Contest 2012