Do you agree with the concept of "WHAT YOU DON'T CHOOSE YOU LOSE"?
Dear Toastbusters and friends!
There are some examples from real life that illustrate this concept.
1. Skill Development: If you don't choose to actively develop your public speaking and leadership skills through Toastmasters, you may lose out on opportunities for career advancement and personal growth.
2. Networking: If you don't choose to engage with fellow Toastmasters members and build connections within the organization, you may lose the chance to expand your professional network and learn from others.
3. Feedback and Improvement: If you don't choose to seek feedback on your speeches and presentations, you may lose the opportunity to improve and refine your communication abilities.
Which point does resonate with you personally? Let’s meet and share your PROACTIVE CHOICES on upcoming Wednesday. Do not neglect these opportunities for growth and development.

June 05th, get together at 19.00, start at 19.30.
Cultural center ZIL, adult library.
Avtozavodskaya metro station, Vostoynaya st., 4, building 1.
Looking forward to seeing you at our regular meeting!