Dear fellow Toastmasters and Guests!

Moscow Toastbusters club is glad to invite you to our regular meeting.

Have you ever learned to play a musical 🎶 instrument, or learn to sing 🎤 or write ✍️ lyrics?

Or you do regret, like our Toastmaster of the Day, Myles F., that you never learned, but you were, nevertheless, inspired to enjoy the talents of others?

Now, with the internet, it is easy to read the words of a song that are sometimes not easy to catch, even if you are a native speaker of the same language as the singer.

To all the Toastbusters meeting functionaries, please come equipped with a favourite lyric. Toastmaster Myles suggests you write it down if you need to. Be prepared to BRIEFLY share your thoughts.
Wednesday, November 8th. Get together at 19.00, with the start at 19.30.

!NEW LOCATION! Cultural center ZIL, adult library.
Avtozavodskaya metro station, Vostoynaya st., 4, building 1.

With enthusiasm, and ready to have fun!

Looking forward to seeing you at our regular meeting!