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Dec. 11th


Nekrasovskaya library


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The 19th of June the New Executive Commitee 2019-2020 Elections has passed

Welcome the new Officer Committee!

President: Irina Suvorova

VPE: Anna Ilina

VPM: Adil Tashenov

VPPR: Ivan Samov

Secretary: Ermek Togtogulov

Cameraman: Alexander Scherbakov






Accepting an Award

The Oscars, the Grammys, the Emmys, your company’s annual awards presentation…. What do they have in common? Chances are, the recipients of these awards give less than thrilling acceptance speeches. Accepting an award graciously requires some thought and preparation. Saying "Thanks, but I really don’t deserve this" won’t cut it. Every good acceptance speech has four ingredients: gratitude, recognition and sincerity. Most importantly, it’s memorable.

So beyond being grateful, you need good content and good delivery. Here are some tips for adding rhythm and pacing to your acceptance speech: 

  • Write your acceptance speech as a script – and memorize it!
  • Practice, Practice, Practice! Rehearse with a timer and allow time for the unexpected.
  • Pause, smile and count to three before saying anything.  "One one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand…. pause…. begin."
  • Begin by addressing the audience – it buys you time and calms your nerves.
  • Don’t apologize for anything: Remember, the audience won’t notice and is rooting for you.
  • Control filler words (uhms and ahs ) See above points: practice, pause and breathe.
  • Concentrate on your message – not the medium. You have important thoughts to convey, so focus on your speech, not on the television audience.
  • Keep names to a minimum and get them right! Memorize the names of the people you want to recognize (including correct pronunciation) or prepare a card to read from.
  • Make your last line expendable, in case you are cut off. 

Even well-delivered speeches can be boring. To make your acceptance speech memorable, use a brief but touching or humorous anecdote—from the project you are nominated for, the people you worked with, or about some little-known fact. Let your speech reflect your personality and your passion for the project that brought you to this stage in the first place.