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Upcoming meeting


Dec. 11th


Nekrasovskaya library


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In order to attend a particular meeting, sign up in advance :) 

If you plan to visit our club for the first time, simply send an email to vpm@toastbusters.ru with the subject "Newcomer: request for additional info".


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The 19th of June the New Executive Commitee 2019-2020 Elections has passed

Welcome the new Officer Committee!

President: Irina Suvorova

VPE: Anna Ilina

VPM: Adil Tashenov

VPPR: Ivan Samov

Secretary: Ermek Togtogulov

Cameraman: Alexander Scherbakov






How to become a member

Required participance

Starting from the first visit, a person receives the status of a guest. In order to become a club member, he is to deliver the first project from the basic manual called the “Ice-Breaker.”

To be allowed to present the ice-breaking speech, the guest should demonstrate good command of the English language, attend our meetings regularly, and accomplish any two tasks of the following:

  • Joke Master
  • Grammarian
  • Timer
  • Ah-Counter

Upon meeting the above-written requirements, the guest who wishes to become a member of the club should request the Executive Committee to consider his candidacy for joining the club. The Executive Committee thoroughly studies the request and informs the guest of its decision.

It is not forbidden for the guest to appeal to the Executive Committee more than once.


Membership fee

Toastmaster membership fee is $4.50 per month. This money paid to the Toastmasters headquarters in the USA go partly for a subscription to “The Toastmaster” monthly magazine, which all members receive by mail, and partly to support operations at the headquarters.

Every new member is charged additional $20.00 paid once to cover the cost of a membership kit, containing educational materials, which he receives by mail.

How to become a member