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May, 29



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Pathways Level 2 award: Margarita Berseneva

Already second award by Pathways program was reached in our club: Margarita Berseneva got her Level 2. Congratulations and keep it up!



ALB award designation: Maxim Luchinin!

We are happy to announce that Maxim Luchinin has reached his ALB!





Make 'em laugh!

Though humor can be difficult, it's even more difficult to imagine an accomplished public speaker who can't make an audience laugh out loud now and then. The good news: you don't have to be as funny as a professional comedian to liven up your speeches with a well-timed joke or humorous anecdote now and then.

Below are some articles that will help you bring a little humor into the lives of your listeners. Want to learn more about public speaking? Visit Toastbusters meeting!